Google Doodle commemorates its 25th birthday today with a special Doodle.

Google is perpetually focused on the future but birthdays provide an opportunity for reflection.

Twenty-five years ago we launched Google Search to help you find answers to questions big and small.

Since then, billions of people have turned to our products to do just that — to satisfy their curiosity.

It’s a cycle that has repeated itself at Google time and time again over the last quarter century.

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On September 27, 1998, Google Inc. was officially born 


The Google Doodle’s have become almost like a collector’s item in the past few years 

By Mary Apartment

June 29, 2020

When you normally click on the Doodle you would be directed to a search about the topic of Google’s Doodle that day.

How does Google know when to show you your own Google Birthday Doodle? It’s pretty simple actually. 

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